Friday, May 6, 2011

Toronto Conference In Review - Part II

Evangelical Textual Criticism has a post with the title Full Report on Secret Gospel Conference (though it is currently empty).

UPDATE: Parts one and two of Ryan D. Wettlaufer's review are now available.

2ND UPDATE: The third and last part of Ryan's report is now available.

Incidentally, Blogger has not yet recovered comments left on this blog since Tuesday, they may or may not become available some time or other.


  1. Aren't all evangelical's supernaturalists? The idea of supernaturalists comments on history or academic ideas seems kind of ridiculas.

    Cheers! Rich

  2. Yes, we are sometimes a bit ridiculas.

  3. Hello, that first post on ETC, "Full report" was Peter Head trying to make a joke ...

    Now a full report in three parts has been published. Cheers!